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This community is a safe place for us to support each other along our health and wellness journeys. Whether your a nutrition newbie, a seasoned pro, or just looking to connect with some like minded humans, this place is for you!

the kind of club where...

No matter which "Club" you choose, you will gain tools and delicious recipes to help you nourish your body. Join the Digital Wellness or 1:1 Coaching Club to learn even more!

How to nourish your body

How to nourish your mind

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Learn more experts in mental health, spirituality, trauma, mindset AND get on-going support from our safe and supportive community. 

what you'll learn here: 

How to nourish your LIFE

We all know that we need to eat our veggies and move our body. Join the Digital Wellness Club to learn how to support all areas of your life to truly optimize your health and wellness. 

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Cookbook Club

Weekly recipes and a monthly bonus snack, sauce or side recipe! Plus a weekly ingredient highlight and food pun because why not?

Only 3.99/month!

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Digital Wellness Club

A Digital Wellness Club where all are welcome! Join us for amazing recipes, video content, expert guests, book club, discounts, community and more!

Only 39.99/month or $399.99/year

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1:1 Coaching

Kind of like a club but just for you and me! Monthly 1:1 coaching + the Digital Wellness Club AND Cookbook Club to help you CRUSH your wellness goals & stay accountable!

Only $99/month or $999.99/year


bonus content

Weekly and monthly content delivered through exclusive video content, blog posts, journal prompts, podcasts, workouts, recipes, and SO MUCH MORE!

digital wellness club highlights

monthly chats

Monthly chats scheduled each month were we discuss our book of the month, main wellness themes and to also help and support one another through our health journeys!

expert guests

Get ready for monthly experts to join the club! We will have experts in nutrition, women's health, mindfulness, yoga, movement, business, career, spirituality and more!

crazy discounts

One of the sweet bonuses to joining the Digital Wellness Club is crazy discounts to the Simply Nic Shop, discounts to other brands I love and first access to new products!

monthly group hangouts + coaching

monthly recipes + cooking videos

monthly guest experts

weekly challenges + wellness content

monthly bookclub

the whole shebang

Let's cut the B.S. and get to the nitty gritty

75% off digital downloads + 35% off apparel + 20% off simply nic shop

exclusive discounts to nic's fave brands

supportive online community

soooo much more!

Digital Wellness Club

teach me plz

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1 day of healthy meals

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simple swaps to make healthy eating a breeze

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 top resources

let's work together

I think we did. Whether you're looking for community, 1:1 coaching, or to learn more through our online resources, I want to hear from YOU! Shoot me a message or head over to socials @simplynicnutrition selvage photo booth butcher pour-over coloring book iPhone.

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