Are you sleeping enough? + Decaf early grey latte

Sleep – we all need it, we all know it’s important, but most of us aren’t getting enough. It can be very easy to prioritize other things over sleep like work, cleaning, tv watching, kids, and the list goes on. Also, many people suffer from insomnia which can cause them to lay awake all night.

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Introducing the Random Wellness Collective

A collective of female leaders in the health and wellness space dedicated to educating, uplifting, and supporting YOU on your wellness journey

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At Naturally rooted, I’m providing a space that feels like home to the soul. It’s all about connecting the body and mind with spirit and the energy surrounding it all. Remembering that our soul’s path is not always easy and we need to appreciate the journey.

Wellness Collective’s Holistic Wellness Alchemist, Jess Lowe

Jess Lowe

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