Lauren Naderi

Please Welcome the Collective’s Hormone Expert, Lauren Naderi

February 18, 2021

I’m a certified holistic nutritionist (CNP) in my early 30s, currently living in Toronto with my husband Nick and our mini poodle pup, Peach.

Lauren Naderi

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Thanks for stopping by! I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, owner of Simply Nic Nutrition and I am super passionate about keeping health and wellness simple and fun!


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Please Welcome the Collective’s Hormone Expert, Lauren Naderi

Hi friends! I’m a certified holistic nutritionist (CNP) in my early 30s, currently living in Toronto with my husband Nick and our mini poodle pup, Peach. My health journey has been anything but smooth and linear, but it’s taught me alot about myself and has led me down this path of healing and helping others. So really, I owe it big time.

Growing up, I was aware of my body and self-conscious the way that any young teen is, but it wasn’t until university that I became deeply disconnected from it. The weight gain that came along with a first year of drinking excessively and eating fast food caused me to run in the other direction as fast as I could. I jumped from diet to diet, restricted certain foods and binged on others that were stamped as “low cal” (read: processed and pumped with fake sugar) and constantly compared myself on a looped track of negative self talk. But the real red flag was when I lost my period; the monthly report card that lets a woman know whether her body is thriving or crying for help. Sadly, I was just a girl that was lost, scared, anxious, nutrient-depleted and at this point, dealing pretty wicked cramping. I went to doctor after doctor, waited in ultrasound waiting rooms and blood labs, until the condition was ultimately diagnosed as PCOS. Huh? Was that reversible? I was more confused and scared than ever.

My Journey

I was working in advertising, still binging on “healthy” foods like massive raw salads and overexercising to combat the drinking.

I don’t know what led me to self-help books and nutritionists like Joy McCarthy and Megan Telpner (thanks universe), but I’m forever grateful. I started to understand what healthy actually meant; not eating a massive raw vegan salad and 3 apples and then going to 2 workout classes, but about nourishment – physically and mentally. I lost sight of the fact that food was medicine. And that it could be fun. And delicious. And full of nutrients that the body actually needed to do its thing.

I made the decision to leave advertising and start a new chapter at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. It now brings me so much joy to now be the health practitioner that my 20-something self needed so many years ago. I’m here to listen when it feels like nobody will, to find answers when there haven’t been any, and to support when things feel impossible. I’ve got you, girl.

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