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Simply Nic is your space for all things curated wellness. Everything you need in one place to practice intuitive nutrition + wellness. Sending health and good vibes your way! xo, Nic 

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Welcome to our super fun 😎 online community where you will find amazing curated wellness products, digital wellness clubs where everyone is welcome and resources galore to help you live a healthy yet simple life!

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Everything you need in one place to practice intuitive nutrition. Shop our wellness boutique showcasing anything but the ordinary: the hippest health Artisans around + Good Vibe

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We are all about creating community and spreading good vibes here! Learn more about our Digital Wellness Club, course, podcast, blog and more!


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Affordable digital downloads ranging from gut health to meal prep and menu planning. Check them out on the shop today!


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“If you are considering working with Nicole, I would highly recommend you follow through with it. She is highly knowledgeable and enjoys her work. She lives her best life and is a great role model for healthy living.”



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Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Owner of Simply Nic and 1:1 Digital health coach with a passion for all things intuitive nutrition and wellness!

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Does your stomach need to chill out a bit? Maybe you need to give you gut some extra love! Download our gut health basics guide to learn how you can support your gut health PLUS free recipes


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